Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer and autumn round-up

This should really be a spring round-up as well: I've been out of action for much of the year with an injury, and had to cancel guest reader slots at several events, which was a shame. A post about Helen Cadbury is coming soon.

I did manage to get to The Speakers' Corner to take up a guest reader slot that supported David Costello. A very enjoyable night with great hosting by Andy Humphrey.

In October I will be guest reader at More Poetry in London. I haven't read in London for ages and am very much looking forward to this.

Ken Champion is one of the hosts of More Poetry. I've written a review on the back of his latest novel, Thrust, which is very perceptive about the architectural changes taking place in London. The three main characters are well-drawn and Ken's observations of city life are authentic and original as usual.

I was delighted to see that Homecoming was given a lovely review by Tanya Parker Nightingale in Dream Catcher Magazine. Many thanks. If you are one of my past or present creative writing students reading this post do check out Dream Catcher, which welcomes submissions of poetry and short stories, as well as artwork, interviews, and reviews.

The Inside-Out House is still receiving good reviews, which is exciting. I am currently completing my new Young Adult novel, Project Miriam.

My books are available in a few public and university libraries around the world. I was especially pleased to see a summary of my 2007 pamphlet 'Safe Passage' in a university library in Baylor, Texas.  Always expect the unexpected!


Judi Moore said...

Sorry to hear you've been out of action for so much of the year. Good to hear that you're getting back in the swing now. How's the novel coming along?

my delayed reactions said...

Thanks! Sorry for the delay in posting. Hope you’re well and writing. The novel is on its final edit. Hope to get it finished in the spring.

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