Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter update 2016

It's been ages! I must say that although I will be keeping up this blog, I am finding Blogger increasingly user-unfriendly, so if you're on Facebook, I also have a regularly updated public 'The Inside-Out House' page: I also post my writerly news on Twitter.

Quite a few exciting things have happened in the last few months. Here's a seasonal round-up:

I'm very pleased to say that 'Homecoming' was reviewed in 'The Jewish Chronicle' in July, which featured a great review of my long poem for three voices, 'Bus Shelter':

Ezekiel's attempt at empathy with a Muslim, as a Jew and a poet, demonstrates passion effectively deployed.

'Homecoming' had a lovely review from Jenny Sharman at new Northern arts site 'Cuckoo Review'. This was a humbling review, as my poem 'Mary has been invited along to make up the numbers' has  reached a new audience:

From my view, this poem conveys an alternative angle on the pressures and expectations of modern-day society upon young people – something which Ezekiel should be applauded for.

'Homecoming' also had a great review from Ken Champion at 'Write Out Loud'. Ken's new novel 'Noir' is just out from Penniless Press. this collection she is nearly always “at home”. It is a book to be fond of. Read it. You will read it again.

I had a very enjoyable time reading from 'Homecoming' and 'Centuries of Skin' at York Explore, with a number of local poets, for National Poetry Day, and was delighted to be invited to read at  'Finding the Words' with excellent poets Patrick Lodge and Mary Ann Dearlove, also at York Explore.

The 'The Cross-Stitcher' magazine also featured my poem 'Priceless' and a photo of the cover of 'Homecoming' in its July/August issue, along with a giveaway of a signed copy of 'Homecoming'. I have been cross-stitching for many years, and buy 'The Cross-Stitcher' myself, so was very excited to be featured.

And what about 'The Inside-Out House?'

I was very lucky to be in my local park on the day that author and journalist, Keiron Pim, visited, and ended up in his article on local parks:

As 'The Inside-Out House' is partly set in a local park I am very lucky to have had the book mentioned in his article!

I'm currently finishing my second novel and am continuing to enjoy teaching creative writing.

See you all soon.


Judi Moore said...

How lovely to be brought up to date with your writerly news. I think that blogging only when one has something to share is much to be applauded. My own blog works in a similar way ;-)

my delayed reactions said...

Many thanks, Judi. I've added your blog to my blog roll :) I enjoy doing seasonal round-ups (when there's enough news to round up)so perhaps that's the way forward for me!

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