Monday, September 22, 2014

official online launch of my novel 'the inside-out house'

Today's the day!

We've got some champagne...

It's been lovely to see so many congratulatory comments on Facebook, and I have received more lovely comments on Twitter, by email and text, over the phone, and in person about my novel coming out. There's already been a review; thank you, Nina!

Many thanks go to Ronnie and Dawn at Indigo Dreams, who believed in my novel, to my mum (and dear dad), brothers Marc and Jon, and to Lea, to Joanna Pearl, who took time to read an early version, Pat Livingstone for being constantly encouraging, Liz Newman for her very insightful feedback, and special thanks go to Chris, who has been encouraging me to keep writing for very many years.

A thank you goes to Ian Hargreaves, who is a prize-winning photographer, for taking my author photo. More of Ian's work can be found here.

Thanks also to Anne Krisman, Helen Cadbury, Shanta Everington, and Steve Toase - all writers, reviewers, and educators - for their testimonials. Steve's testimonial is at the top of this webpage, and I'm delighted to post the whole of Anne's testimonial here:

       'A house like no other, with a mystery to tell. A teenager searching for her identity and looking for answers in her life. Both are drawn together in Joanna Ezekiel’s engrossing story set in the 1990s and inspired by the sculptor Rachel Whiteread’s intriguing concrete cast of a Victorian house.

The book explores many difficult life issues with a deft touch; growing up, moving on, teenage relationships, adults’ rules and racism. The key character Sam is a feisty but sensitive teenage girl, with the guts to stand up against bullies but unsure of her growing relationship with Jimi, who shares her fascination with the House. There are some colourful yet believable female characters, for example, Wendy the librarian, with her violet Mini car with its ‘Prince and the Purple Revolution’ banner and the deeply political Aunty Roo.

The novel moves towards a powerful conclusion, in a finely written dramatic scene that reflects the writer’s poetic ability to depict the layers behind the event.

This is a teenage novel that is something different, beginning with two young people’s shared fascination with an ‘inside-out house’ art work. This read will appeal to deep-thinking teenagers who don’t want to be stereotyped and put into boxes.' (Anne Krisman)
Now to the Prize Draw entries! Many thanks to those of you who took time to share photos of your favourite buildings.
Anne visited the Treaty of Versailles on her honeymoon. I can't think of a more romantic place to be!

Gill Learner's favourite building is Notre Dame la Grande, Poitiers, which is a rarity, as it is painted and patterned inside just as it would have been originally.

Now to Kath McCarron Humphrey. While it was raining and gloomy over here, Kath was on holiday, and she sent me a photo of the Hallgrímskirkja in Iceland! Imagine it with the Northern Lights behind it.

I went all old-fashioned for the Prize Draw, and pulled names out of a hat. The winner is...
Raychel, with a photo of the Acropolis in Greece!
Congratulations, Raychel, I'll be sending 'The Inside-Out House' to you very soon!

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Mavis said...

Huge congratulations Joanna.

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