Tuesday, August 26, 2014

publication of the inside-out house

'With 'The Inside-Out House' Joanna has elegantly written a humane story that fuses together poetry, family secrets, and magic in the urban landscape.' Steve Toase

To celebrate my novel, 'The Inside-Out House', being published next month, I'm offering one FREE copy in a prize draw.

The 'House' of the title is pretty much a main 'character' in the novel, so if you'd like a chance to enter the prize draw, and are 12 years old or over, send me your photo, (or a photo of your drawing or painting) of your own favourite building. You will then be automatically entered into the prize draw.

All photos will appear on my blog as a 'blog post special' on the publication date of 22nd September, so you'll be published, too!

My email is delayed_reactions@yahoo.co.uk, or if you are already my friend on Facebook, you can contact me there. As I get a lot of spam emails, please send your work in the body of the email itself, rather than in an attachment, if you can, between now and the 20th September. Good luck!

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