Thursday, August 22, 2013

book review: andrew taylor's make some noise: the woking poems

Andrew Taylor's collection, Make Some Noise (The Woking Poems), written during a residency at Liverpool Art and Design Trust, takes us on a journey through various urban settings. A variety of free verse formats plus enjambment and the present tense puts the language under pressure effectively. He takes the urban, the everyday, the stuff that we are expected to pass by, and gives it an immediate and a strange feel. Here, in a shopping centre:

'Security guards follow people badly, while a minimum wage
cleaner polishes a glass balcony, all day.'

(So Modern Everything Seems Pointless)

Birdsong and butterflies push through urban cracks to find new spaces, while rural landscapes appear abruptly, or in memories. A compelling read.

Make Some Noise: The Woking Poems is available from Original Plus chapbooks.

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