Monday, October 22, 2012

poetry snapshots: alison hill

Bingo Wings

A tight smile held it all in –

skimpy top rising over

puckered midriff, flesh

laid uncomfortably bare.

She must concentrate

on the dancing numbers,

eyes down, head bowed,

smile again if necessary.

Candle flicker emotions

played across her face.

If only this night could

be hers to remember,

to pull out and savour

as winter stripped the trees.

Yet she felt that familiar itch,

sensed her spreading arms

rise of their own accord,

take charge of her life.

She must give in –

let bingo wings carry her

through the open window

towards the dazzling light.

Peppercorn Rent, Flarestack, 2008

Alison Hill runs Rhythm and Muse, a monthly poetry and music night at the Ram Jam Club in Kingston on Thames. Her work has appeared in a range of magazines and anthologies and her pamphlet, Peppercorn Rent, was published by Flarestack in 2008. She has just completed a full collection, Slate Rising. Alison was Kingston Libraries' first Poet in Residence (2011-2012)

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