Tuesday, September 18, 2012

poetry snapshots: andy fletcher

meeting you

i go to the station to meet you

the train stops at the buffers
passengers with suitcases and bags get off

i look through the faces for yours

the next day
i go to the station to meet you

pigeons flap into the air as the train pulls in

people step off wave to relations
light cigarettes hug loved ones

every day
i go to the station to meet you
soon from the mass of faces
i know you'll appear and smile

years pass

the station's refurbished
old trains are replaced by new ones
timetables change

still i stand on the platform
litter blows towards me
plastic bags rise from the tracks

each day
i go to the station to meet you

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Andy lives, works and writes in Hull. He graduated in Law but has since had a varied career as a machine operator, bus driver and currently part time worker with Social Services. He was the founder and only member of Revegtisana (Revolutionary Vegan Tigers Supporters against Nuclear Arms)! His work has appeared in various UK magazines including Bete Noire, Tears in the Fence, Iota and The Reater and was anthologised in Old City New Rumours (edited by Carol Rumens and Ian Gregson) and The Hull Connection (edited by Peter Knaggs) both 2010. His collection ‘the mile long piano’ was published by Ragged Raven Press in 2007.

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