Monday, May 23, 2011

poetry snapshots: nina simon

Painting the Oceans

I paint oceans

with violent hues -

heavy lines stir surging seas,

thick brush strokes

smash waves against breakers,

while white foamy spume

pounds shingle beaches.

Blues and greens

swirl into darkness,

leaden clouds

billow in deepest grey.

I stipple in a small sailboat;

tossed and thrown

on turbulent tides,

its lone occupant

clinging to the mast,

as water washes away outlines.

Published in Misfit Mirror: an anthology of poetry and flash fiction by Earlyworks Press, 2008

Nina works for Redbridge Schools’ Library Service.. Although she has always loved to read, writing is something she only began by accident about seven years ago. At last she feels she has found a means to express herself and channel her over-active imagination into poetry and short stories.

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