Monday, January 10, 2011

poetry snapshots: frances white

Piano Bar Blues

Dizzy summer night

quenched with lager

her eyes dreamy

with piano bar blues

moving aside their empty glasses

his arm brushed hers

low lighting and soft cushions

made her head swim

they slipped away

into the moonlight

music fading

as they sauntered back

under the larch trees

along the water

his hands in his pockets

all the way home.

© Frances White

Published in:
‘AWAY WITH WORDS, An Anthology of Poetry’
(Aeronwy Thomas, Beryl Myers, Annie Taylor, Frances White),
Poetry Monthly Press, 2007, ISBN 978-1-906357-01-6

Frances White’s poems and artwork have been published in magazines and anthologies.
Thirty of her poems were published in ‘AWAY WITH WORDS, An Anthology of Poetry’ (Poetry Monthly Press 2007), which she co-authored with the late Aeronwy Thomas.
Her poems have won first prizes in three local competitions and she received a Highly-Commended nomination in the Torbay Open Poetry Competition, 2010.
Frances lives in South West London and has read as a guest poet at poetry venues and festivals in London and Wales. She is working towards her first collection.

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