Tuesday, November 30, 2010

poetry snapshots: adrian green

Business Breakfast

On a blue September dawn
the tide ebbs under London Bridge.
We walk across – a crowd
alive but hypnotised.
So many left undead
for croissants and a cappuccino.

And in the knowing,
and knowing again
of things we never
thought would matter,
breakfast sages
read our fortunes
in the coffee spoons,
project their fantasies
on office walls.

Later, on the Circle Line,
the salesmen with their laptops
watch a couple sharing sushi
from a plastic box.

Adrian Green

Previously published in Well Versed, poems from the Morning Star (Hearing Eye, ISBN 978-1-905082-42-1)
and Chorus and Coda (Littoral Press, ISBN 978-0-9550926-7-1).

About Adrian Green:
Adrian Green lives overlooking the sea at Southend. A former editor of SOL and reviews editor of Littoral, poems and reviews have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. His current collection, Chorus and Coda (ISBN 978-0955092671), is available from the Littoral Press.
See more at http://www.greenad.co.uk/ or listen at http://www.myspace.com/chorusandcoda

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