Friday, November 09, 2012

shortlisted for the 2012 bridport prize

My poem, Priceless, has been shortlisted for the 2012 Bridport Prize.


I used to cross-stitch with Roger Moore.

He’d pull up an embroidered chair,

avoid the gold chick, long-stitched,

upper right-hand side. Instead

he’d perch, all dress shirt and tux,

at the edge, with a wooden frame,

thread magenta, cinnamon, aqua.

I taught him blackwork, Algerian eye.

We’d speak of ex-wives, agents, teas;

Priceless, he’d mutter, skipping a stitch,

then start humming: always Shirley.

His favourite designs? Flowers,

back-filled English summers;

young Roger, one of the chaps,

chaining daisies on the sly.

This is the second time that my name has appeared on the Bridport Prize 'long shortlist'; the first time was in 2009, with Coffee with an Ex.

This photo was taken by Chris, from a boat near Tobermory, in 2007.

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