Monday, February 13, 2012

poetry snapshots revisited: mavis gulliver

The Postman’s Washing Line

When I think of Eigg

it's not the bulk of the Sgurr

or Rum's Coolin's

dominating the western horizon;

but the scent of primroses,

the constant willow warblers' song

and, on the dune edge,

strung between two driftwood poles,

a chorus line of socks


to the blue Atlantic.

Mavis Gulliver is based on the Isle of Islay in Scotland's Hebrides. Her poetry centres around landscape, islands and the varied aspects of the natural world.

Her poems have appeared in numerous poetry magazines including Iota, Envoi and Poetry Scotland; as well as in Grey Hen anthologies; and the 2011 Polygon anthology 'These Islands, We Sing'.

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